Jeep JL & JT Summit Air Dam Skid Plate with Fog Lights

SKU: 600.100.160
Weight: 27 lb
Dimensions: 40 in × 12 in × 12 in

All JL & JT Model Years (Will Fit P/n’s 600.100.100 and 600.100.120)

Installation Time: 

1 Hour


1 Year limited Warranty

This air dam skid plate is specifically designed to fit with the JL Summit Modular Front Bumpers with a Recessed Winch Mount.  Because the recessed winch mount bumper (P/n 600.100.120) does not have the ability to mount any factory fog lights, we’ve given the option to add them into this air dam skid plate.  Featuring a sleek finished look, this air dam skid plate is a great way to cover up the factory frame brackets and provide a bit more protection while offroading. This is designed to be completely bolt on with no drilling or modification to the frame in any way.  Please note that the factory fog light wiring will have to be extended by splicing the wires and adding additional wire to lengthen.  We provide the proper length of wire and high-quality butt connectors with solder joint/heat shrink to do the job correctly.

As with all Hyline Offroad products these are designed and built with superior durability and longevity in mind.  We put all bumpers and accessories through a rigorous finishing process that includes an acid rinse for prepping the metal, then E-Coated that acts as a complete sealing primer and finally a topcoat using an automotive grade powder coat.  The powder topcoat is a very light texture semi-gloss that closely matches the OEM black plastic fender flare texture.  Though this is a more expensive process it ensures your purchase will last for years to come.

Included Features:

  • 12 Ga. Steel Construction
  • Completely Bolt On Design - No Cutting or Drilling
  • Mounting Brackets are included with this bumper for OEM Halogen and OEM LED Fog Lights (If your LED Fog Lights were removed from an OEM Steel Bumper you will need to purchase our mounting bracket part number 600.100.170 separately.  These fog lights have completely different housings and will require unique mounting brackets)
  • All hardware included is 316 Stainless Steel and Super Corrosion Resistant Coated High Strength Steel
  • Prepped (Acid Rinsed), Primed (E-Coated) and Top Coated (Automotive Grade Textured Powder Coat)
  • Proudly Made 100% In USA


Tools Required: 

Ratchet, 16mm socket, 9/16” socket, 6” extension and 9/16” Wrench, 3/32” hex wrench, wire cutters and heat gun is recommended for shrink tubing.

Parts Included: 

Air Dam Skid Plate, mounting brackets, installation instructions and all required mounting hardware.