Quality Control

 Parts for Hyline Offroad follow a refined ISO Standard. All jobs are routed using bar coding. This allows manufacturing to utilize "real time" tracking of all active jobs. It also allows the Q.C. department to implement "spot checking" of any job that is in-process at any given point of production. All operations on the routings are 1st piece inspected and stamped with an inspection stamp.

No job is allowed to proceed until the 1st piece has been approved. All production jobs are inspected on a percentage basis. This is determined by the total quantity of the order. Inspection is carried out on every job leaving or returning back into the building. If a job is sent out to a vendor it will be inspected before it is sent and also after it returns.

At the Final Inspection period before a part is placed into Inventory, the part is 100% inspected and a "Certificate Of Compliance" is filled out stating that every aspect of the part has been inspected.