Jeep JL Summit Swingout Tire Carrier

SKU: 600.200.120
Weight: 55 lb
Dimensions: 44 in × 11 in × 9 in

Hyline Offroad Summit Rear Bumper (Part Number 600.200.100)

Installation Time: 

2-3 Hours


1 Year Limited Lifetime

Looking to step up to a larger tire size and will be getting or already have our JL Summit Rear Bumper?  You want to run a 40” tall tire….?  We have designed the Summit Swingout Tire Carrier to seamlessly install into our bumper and operate with your factory tailgate.  Simply pull the factory tailgate latch and as you swing open the tailgate the tire carrier will follow. 

All the weight of the tire is on the solid steel high strength pivot pin.  The zinc plated pin is sealed inside cast bronze bushings with o-rings to keep the grease in and the moisture out. 

There are so many features packed into this swingout tire carrier.  Since all JL’s come with a back up camera we’ve included mounting brackets to easily re-install the camera without having to unnecessarily splice any camera wires.  We even include a red LED third brake light that mounts onto the camera shroud for a clean/classy look while keeping following drivers more alert. 

One oversight of many swingout tire carriers is the ability to quickly and easily remove the spare tire.  Many tire carriers will require a tool to remove their camera or light bracket and some even require the removal of a relocated license plate.  NOT with our design....  It allows the simple removal of the camera shroud/light bracket without the use of any tools.  Simply disconnect the two light wires, remove the plastic push pin and pull the shroud off.  The spare tire is now ready to be removed with your standard lug wrench or socket tool. 

An additional oversight of many other swingout carriers is the adjustability of the tire in and out as well as up and down.  Our design allows for both options of adjustability.  The up/down adjustability is important for a few reasons.  You can adjust the height of the tire down as far as possible for better visibility if desired and but also high enough for better offroad clearance.  Perhaps the most important reason is that you’re able to adjust the tire high enough to keep it from setting off the park assist sensors in the bumper. 

As with all Hyline Offroad products these are designed and built with superior durability and longevity in mind.  We put all bumpers and accessories through a comprehensive finishing process that includes an acid rinse for prepping the metal, then E-Coated which acts as a complete sealing primer and finally a topcoat using an automotive grade powder coat.  The powder topcoat is a light texture black semi-gloss that closely matches the OEM black plastic fender flare texture.  Though this is a more expensive process it ensures your purchase will last for years to come.

Here’s all the features included with the Summit Swingout Tire Carrier:

  • Mixture of 2”x4”x1/8” Steel Tube and 3/16” Steel Brackets – All USA Grade Material
  • Simple One Handed Open/Close Operation
  • ¼” Thick Steel Frame Tie In Bracket for Added Strength
  • Completely Bolt On Design - No Cutting or Drilling
  • Solid Zinc Plated High Strength Steel Pivot Pin
  • Cast Bronze Bushings and O-Rings for Sealed Pivot Pin
  • Re-Uses Factory Wheel Stud Plate
  • Vertically Adjustable Tire Mount 4” Up or Down
  • Horizontal Adjustable Tire Mount, Slotted 3” In or Out
  • CB Antenna Mounting Tab with Hole
  • Red LED Third Brake Light Supplied With Male/Female Spade Connectors with Heat Shrink
  • Back-Up Camera Housing and Shroud
  • All hardware included is 316 Stainless Steel and/or Super Corrosion Resistant Coated High Strength Steel
    • Prepped (Acid Rinsed), Dip Primed (E-Coated) and Top Coated (Automotive Grade Black Textured Powder Coat)
    • Proudly Made 100% In USA
Tools Required: 

Ratchet, 13mm Socket, 5/16” Socket, ¾” Socket, .050” Hex Key, 5/32” Hex Key, 5/64” Hex Key, 3/16” Hex Key, 4mm Hex Key, T9 Torx, T25 Torx, T40 Torx, flat blade screwdriver, Lithium Grease, Hammer, Wire Cutter/Crimper and heat gun or lighter.

Parts Included: 

Swingout Tire Carrier, LED third brake light, male/female spade connectors, frame tie-in bracket, tailgate bracket, installation instructions and all required mounting hardware.