Why Choose Hyline?

We believe in the value of durable, quality, long lasting off road products.  We are living in a world where the term "throw away" has become standard vocabulary for many of the products we purchase. 

Unfortunately many companies have blindly adopted this term into the designing and manufacturing of their low cost products. This mentality has forced much manufacturing to flee our country and into the hands of inexpensive foreign labor. 

Enter Hyline Offroad... We design and manufacture our products 100% in the USA under our roof. 

We keep stock on all products so you will not hear the word "Backordered" many times from our distributors/dealers. 

If you do make sure you check in with us!  We have real life customer service that will provide you actual answers and work hard to resolve any issues quickly.  Will you choose Hyline?

Hyline OffRoad stands behind our Dealers and Distributors. Become a Distributor today and experience the difference that the Hyline OffRoad products can make in your business.  Hyline OffRoad manufactures the Hightest quality, most stylish, and ruggedly durable armor products availble today.  Hyline is proud to be a 100% MADE IN THE USA manufacturer.