Jeep TJ Series LED Light Brackets (Aluminum)

SKU: 300.600.120
Weight: 8 lb
Dimensions: 30 in × 9 in × 9 in

All TJ Model Years 1997-2006

Installation Time: 

1 Hour


1 Year Limited

TJ 50” LED Aluminum Light Bar Mounts

Description: Hyline Offroad TJ 50” LED Aluminum Light Bar Mounts allow you to easily install a 50" LED Light Bar above your windshield.  The Light Bar Mounts are manufactured using 3/16" thick rust proof aluminum, laser cut and formed using a CNC precision press brake.  They are designed as one piece construction with no weld seams for a smooth finished cosmetic look.  No drilling or other modification is necessary for installation.  They simply bolt to the windshield mounts using provided stainless steel fasteners.  Precision cut Rubber Gasket liners are included with the light bar mounts to protect your vehicles paint from scuffing and vibrating.  The brackets are shipped without any finish.  You can paint them any color or just leave them bare aluminum.  Either way you don’t have to worry about any rusting issues for years/miles down the road.

*** PLEASE NOTE: The actual dimension between our mounting brackets is 52”.  A true 50" LED light bar is 50" of LED's.....NOT the overall size.  Make sure the light bar you order measures 52” overall, from end housing to end housing.

Proudly Made 100% In USA.

Tools Required: 

Ratchet, T40 Torx & 3/16 Hex Wrench

Parts Included: 

Driver & Passenger Side Light Bar Mount and Rubber Gasket Liners