Jeep TJ Hood Louvers | TJ Hood Louver 03-06

SKU: 300.500.110
Weight: 14 lb
Dimensions: 38 in × 37 in × 4 in

03-06 Jeep Wranglers w/single windshield washer squirter.

Installation Time: 

3-5 Hours


1 year Limited

Jeep TJ hood louvers for your 2003-2006 TJ have a customize look. Your new TJ hood Louver is a fully functional panel featuring heat venting louvers right where you need them most: the crucial areas of your engine bay.

You can see the ease of installation by watching the video below.  The flush head threaded studs have been pressed into your new panel for that finished look. 

Just lay the template on your hood, drill and cut holes.

  • ONLY available in unpainted 5052 Aluminum

This TJ Hood Louver fits all 03-06 Wrangler model years with single windshield washer squirter.

Jeep TJ Hood Louvers | TJ Hood Louver 03-06




Tools Required: 

Ratchet, 3/8" Socket, Torx and Drill

Parts Included: 

Unfinished raw aluminum hood louver panel, steel template and all mounting hardware.