JK Series (07 - Present)

Jeep JK HD Transmission Crossmember

Price: $224.99

This Hyline Offroad Heavy Duty Transmission Crossmember was developed as a direct replacement for the very thin and prone to damage factory crossmember.  The HD Crossmember is made using heavy 3/16” steel that will take hit after hit.  It’s designed using box frame construction that is CNC press brake formed and fully welded for extra strength.  We’ve even designed the HD Crossmember so that you can re-use your factory skid plate hardware if desired.  Like all our signature products the HD Crossmembers receive a tho

Jeep JK Evap Canister Skid Plate

Price: $129.99

This Hyline Offroad skid plate will protect the very vulnerable and expensive evap canister that hangs low on your JK.  Our evap canister skid plate is made from 3/16” thick aluminum that is precision laser cut and formed in cnc press brake to guarantee crisp accuracy.  The skid plate is designed as a box construction with TIG welded corners, so it’s incredibly strong and offers the most complete protection.  The installation process is simple and is completely bolt on.  Thanks to our unique design you do not have to

Jeep JK Pillar Armor Brackets

Price: $195.99

Hyline Offroad’s first to market ‘A’ Pillar Armor Brackets have been specifically designed to fit and contour perfectly to the JK’s curved windshield frame.  Don’t fear another tree or scraping against a rock ledge while wheeling. The armor brackets completely protect the vulnerable windshield ‘A’ pillars using 3/16” thick steel that is precision laser cut and cnc press brake formed for unparalleled fitment.  Installation is entirely bolt on using common hand tools.

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