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I hope more than just RJ gets to reads these comments.  "I purchased front and rear bumpers from you in 2012 at the Jeep festival in Butler. I received the front at the time of purchase and was making a trip to New Jersey and RJ hooked me up when I arrived at your shop. I got a tour of the machine shop and RJ helped install my rear bumper.  Since then I have been talking with RJ and I am going to be getting more things from you. I love the bumpers. RJ was such a big help fo me in Butler since I couldn't make up my mind. Now you have a customer for life . Keep up the great work and cant wait to see you in Butler with more things for my Jeep."   Bob from Plum

“Louvered Hood Panel (TJ-50HLP-NF) arrived today, all safe and sound. Looks terrific - real happy with the quality build and the template is a nice extra.  I like the way you guys in PA do business.  Most Jeep stuff is f***ed up and overpriced to boot.  Good job guys.   Jack H. (Breezy Jack), Arizona

 “I originally purchased a plate from Skyjacker. Even after removing the front bumper and trying for over an hour, I could not get their 4th bolt started and 2 others didn’t line up.  I returned that part and ordered yours (TJ-SSP). 10 minutes after I started I was finished with the installation.  Thank you very much for making a quality part!”   Rick B., Washington

(JK-10SFB, JK-10SAD, JK-10SWG) “Your Hyline Offroad bumper system is great! I am really impressed with the quality and precision of the welding and machining work. Look forward to future dealings with Hyline” Joe G. Dickinson, TX

(TJ-50HLPD) “Really improved heat flow under the hood! NO more uncomfortable heat on the floor boards!!! Excellent Product!” Andrew Viginia Beach, VA

“Recieved YJ-50HLP in a timely manor. Great Template and Instructions. Product built to high standards. Removes heat fast. Great job. Awesome look to boot”                                     Robby Q.  Gulf Breeze, Florida

“Good Afternoon, I attached a pic of my 2009 JK with the Hyline bumper (JK-10SFB, JK-10SWG and JK-10SAD) attached. I was able to follow the provided instructions myself and the product looks outstanding! Thank you for providing the look I was looking for!” v/r Shane, Colorado

“Purchased (YJ-50HLP) from Quadratic and installed at home in 2 hours, hood on. 1991 YJ - Impact Orange  Nice product.”    Aaron K.  Mahopac, NY

Purchased TJ-YJ-10SFB, TJ-YJ-10SWG & TJ-YJ-20SRB. “The installations went very well. Your products are high quality and the instructions are very complete and easy to follow. The design and manufacture couldn't be better for the TJ Jeep. Thanks for the great Jeep hardware.”  Jim W.   Bend, OR

“sorry so long getting back to you but i was on vacation - see attached pic. i may have been a little tough on that rating but one of the ends had been pushed out and been taped over - i am certain it didn’t leave your hands in that condition and after all card board does have its limits . the bumper however only had a couple scuffs and i am very pleased with your product and pleased that you and your company listen to the customers.” THANKS !                 John S.     Virginia

Purchased YJ-50HLP. “The hood louvers were an easy install. I think this product not only beefs up the appearance but will definitely help cool when on the trails. Thanks again”           John W.  (Buckwheat Wrangler)  Louisville, KY

“Hey guys, Bought your bumper (TJ-YJ-10CFB) last year at the Valencia Winery Jeeps in the Pineys show. Installed it, added the winch a little later and love it. Here's a picture of your bumper on my 94 YJ earning it's keep. Thanks”                  Neal M.   N.J.

“I really like the hood louver (TJ-50HLP), and have noticed that it turns a lot of heads. I have gotten a lot of compliments on it already. Your directions and template worked great, it was very easy to install (once I got up enough nerve to do so much cutting on my hood)” Dennis K.   Maryville, TN.

“I was able to get the panel (TJ-50HLP) painted and installed on Sunday. The template you provide made it a breeze. Total install time was about an hour. I have included some pics.  Thanks again and I will be referring you to anyone I know that might be in the market for your products. Thanks”               Dan Z.  Allentown, PA 

I noticed you didn't have any XJ pictures on your site so...Here are some pics from my recent trip to Rausch Creek, PA in my '90 XJ with your hood louvers.  I picked up the louvers at the Bantam Jeep Festival in Butler, PA.  Installation was simple with the template you provided.  I think they contrast the tan nicely on my XJ and I've gotten lots of compliments on them so far.  Thanks for a great product. 
Marc H.  Big Pool, MD
Attached are a couple pictures of my Hood Louver Panel install on my JK.  I did a complete removal of the area so the louvers will work to capacity.  I thought for the money and time to install.... I didn't want just an "ornament" on my hood. ;)  I'm very happy with the outcome and hope it will encourage you to include this as an option in your install instructions.
Thank you for a great product,
Danny R, San Diego
RJ, I love the front and rear bumpers for my jeep. They are smooth and clean.  Thanks for a great USA made product and keep up the good work.   Allen G,  Concord, NC


Howdee folks,

I've had my Hyline offroad Hood Louver Panel for almost 2 years now.  I took it off for a tidy up during the week and thought I should re-acquaint myself wiith the installation instructions in case I miss a really basic point.  Glad I did, because it reminded me about the OFFROAD pics mentioned at the end of the instructions.  So, here it is - Moss Green 1997 TJ (Right Hand Drive) all the way from Australia.
Thanks for a great product too - can't imagine the Jeep without it.   Wes H.